Fitness Haul + Mini Review – Part II

I bought a new waist belt. I really didn’t NEED a new one, but whatev. This one is by Nathan. I honestly never heard of the brand before buying it, but I’m also new to the world of running. I bought this belt because my Nike waist belt didn’t have room for the gel packs or a water bottle.


Side Note: In my humble opinion, you don’t need a water bottle on race day. The race officials set up enough aid stations with water and/or Power/Gator Aid,  so you don’t HAVE to carry a bottle.

However, when I go on long runs, I don’t have the luxury to have someone hand me a cup of what seems like angelic showers in the desert.


The Good: The pocket can hold what I need: ID, iPhone, Lip balm, and my [abbreviated] keys.

I like how it snugly held my gels in place.

The Bad:


The water bottle! I wanted to throw it on the ground (Lonely Island reference) so bad because it wouldn’t stop flapping! Mind you, I don’t have much in the hip department, so maybe whoever designed it, worked with a more hippy fit model. I can let that slide.

Speaking of sliding: the adjustments for the belt weren’t stable. I was constantly tightening my belt as I ran.

So between that and the damn water bottle flapping, I was highly annoyed.

Will I wear the belt again? Maybe. If I have time to modify it.

Would I recommend it? No. However, Nathan had some other waist belts that seemed more legit, but they had 4 water bottles attached to it. I don’t need that kind of madness in my life.

Fitness Haul + Mini Review – Part I

I picked up a few running necessities, and I wanted to share them with you.


Quick Disclaimer: NO ONE is paying me to post or review these products. They should though. #JustSayin

Since I’m terribly concerned about my stomach cramping or the urge to poo while running, I try to only consume light substances. Gels and goos work well for me. I like the PowerGel, which is by the same company that makes PowerBars. I initially went with that brand because I was familiar with the company, and if I became terribly ill from consuming a gel, the company is big enough to either settle or go to trial…even though I assumed the risk by taking the mysterious substance.


Gels basically fuels your body on long runs so your muscles won’t go on a strike. The general taste is pretty hag (awful). The Vanilla flavor is by far the easiest to down during a run. Imagine someone spiking you Jell-O pudding cup.

PowerBar also makes this high performance applesauce in a squeeze baggie. If you’re not into the gels (because of the taste) these work great as well. It taste just like normal applesauce, which is great.RunnerHaul2

I know runners who eat gummy substances. Which are great, but some brands make them a bit to hard to chew. Some runners eat snacks like pretzels, which I am leery of. Again, the poo factor. All I can really say is try different things, and see what works for you…at your own risk.

Continue for Part II.

The [Failed] Art of Taking A Selfie

I feel like there should be a book on how to take a selfie that doesn’t make you look like you’ve just learned how to use a smartphone five hours ago. Okay, the book probably exist already. There’s probably a blogger with a blog dedicated to blogging decent selfies. I, however have such a hard time with them.


First off, I feel incredibly vain and/or dorky when taking them. That’s not a good combo.


Sometimes I get lucky and get a pic that looks like I’m possibly Instagram famous.


Other times, not so much.


This is somewhat of a dilemma for me. See, I can tell you right now that I am not one of those bloggers who has enough discretionary income to hire someone to follow me around and take awesome photos of me. I’m not knocking the bloggers that do have such a luxury, but I only have my semi-embarrassing selfies thanks to my handy dandy iPhone5. As a blogger, the first thing you need is a ton of awesome selfies and/or photos taken with a fancy DSLR camera. Which is what kept me from blogging before now.
I’m lying. Life kinda got in the way. But the self photo thing was definitely an issue. Someone (or some blogger) said that the only way you get good at it is by practicing. So I decided to just post what I have, and maybe the pressure to not look like a total amateur will give me no other choice but to improve.


Why Run?

I first entertained the idea of running a marathon when I was 25. Nothing happened. I revisited the idea as I approached a milestone birthday. My 30th. Running a marathon seems arduous, and not something that the average person can mentally conceive attempting.

At the time, I knew that I could do it: I’m physically fit, and relatively durable. It was just a matter of commitment. I bought expensive running shoes, hag tasting protein powder, and paid for several races leading up to the L.A. Marathon. That’s a huge commitment for me.

With less the marathon 18 days away, I’m terrified. I still believe that I am physically capable, but now I’m worried about being mentally ready. I plan on going through with it because…well, I would hate myself if I just quit. Especially since it’s based on fear.