Fitness Haul + Mini Review – Part I

I picked up a few running necessities, and I wanted to share them with you.


Quick Disclaimer: NO ONE is paying me to post or review these products. They should though. #JustSayin

Since I’m terribly concerned about my stomach cramping or the urge to poo while running, I try to only consume light substances. Gels and goos work well for me. I like the PowerGel, which is by the same company that makes PowerBars. I initially went with that brand because I was familiar with the company, and if I became terribly ill from consuming a gel, the company is big enough to either settle or go to trial…even though I assumed the risk by taking the mysterious substance.


Gels basically fuels your body on long runs so your muscles won’t go on a strike. The general taste is pretty hag (awful). The Vanilla flavor is by far the easiest to down during a run. Imagine someone spiking you Jell-O pudding cup.

PowerBar also makes this high performance applesauce in a squeeze baggie. If you’re not into the gels (because of the taste) these work great as well. It taste just like normal applesauce, which is great.RunnerHaul2

I know runners who eat gummy substances. Which are great, but some brands make them a bit to hard to chew. Some runners eat snacks like pretzels, which I am leery of. Again, the poo factor. All I can really say is try different things, and see what works for you…at your own risk.

Continue for Part II.

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