Fitness Haul + Mini Review – Part II

I bought a new waist belt. I really didn’t NEED a new one, but whatev. This one is by Nathan. I honestly never heard of the brand before buying it, but I’m also new to the world of running. I bought this belt because my Nike waist belt didn’t have room for the gel packs or a water bottle.


Side Note: In my humble opinion, you don’t need a water bottle on race day. The race officials set up enough aid stations with water and/or Power/Gator Aid,  so you don’t HAVE to carry a bottle.

However, when I go on long runs, I don’t have the luxury to have someone hand me a cup of what seems like angelic showers in the desert.


The Good: The pocket can hold what I need: ID, iPhone, Lip balm, and my [abbreviated] keys.

I like how it snugly held my gels in place.

The Bad:


The water bottle! I wanted to throw it on the ground (Lonely Island reference) so bad because it wouldn’t stop flapping! Mind you, I don’t have much in the hip department, so maybe whoever designed it, worked with a more hippy fit model. I can let that slide.

Speaking of sliding: the adjustments for the belt weren’t stable. I was constantly tightening my belt as I ran.

So between that and the damn water bottle flapping, I was highly annoyed.

Will I wear the belt again? Maybe. If I have time to modify it.

Would I recommend it? No. However, Nathan had some other waist belts that seemed more legit, but they had 4 water bottles attached to it. I don’t need that kind of madness in my life.

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