The Truth About Daily Law School Life

It’s not like undergrad. You can’t just show up and be anonymous. You essentially have to be prepared to answer whatever question the professor asks. These questions can range from briefing an entire case (so you have to have actually read); what the dissent (the opinion of the judge(s) who didn’t agree with the majority ruling) said; how the rule applies; etc.

It is like Legally Blonde. Remember that scene where everyone broke out their laptops and typed frantically? If you can’t type now, don’t even apply to law school. Very few of my colleagues hand write their notes. Some professors don’t post their power point slides. I had a professor last semester who didn’t use a power point at all. (Thank GAWD she spoke slowly).

You will have Classmates that you secretly want to strangle. Classes are an hour and a half long or longer. When that ONE student asks a question that ends up taking the lecture down a rabbit hole, or that jerk student who wants to show off that s/he was a poli sci major, you will find yourself daydreaming about throwing a highlighter across the room at them.

Little things start to annoy you. Shuffling papers, the person who goes to the bathroom during class, sniffling.

If you didn’t have a vice, you will pick up one. Coffee. Sugar. Cigarettes. Excessive wine/beer consumption. Eating like a 15 year old.

I’m saying that law school sucks, but it’s not glamorous by any stretch.
You schlep a bunch of sh*t. Your case books are big, and heavy. You need your laptop. You need folders and other academic tools.

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