Delayed Post: Milan & Paris Fashion Week

My primary love is fashion. However, as a law student, it would be incredibly irresponsible for me to go through hundreds of pictures of the runway shows instead of reading another 50 million page dissent of a case holding.

With that being said, I will now, and in the future, post fashion week edits relatively later than most “fashion” blogs.

As of the writing of this post, I will be posting my edits from Milan, and I have yet to look at any Paris shows.

My plan is to chunk out a few posts. Make my picks of Paris. Post those. Study (law stuff, not fashion stuff). Watch the Oscars. MAYBE post my red carpet picks from that. Prep my lunch for tomorrow. Shower, then go to bed.

I appreciate those who bear with me.

ALSO! I need to play with the blog’s template. I’m really annoyed with the pictures being tiny, among other things. Again, perfecting my blog is not on the top of my things to do list. But I DO plan on fixing that within the next week. Or maybe on my plane ride to the marathon.



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