Fire your stylist, divorce you husband: Elsa Pataky

Elsa Pataky is Chris Hemsworth very pregnant wife (I think they’re married).

Now I know that being pregnant for normal people means they have a pass to look a hot mess. I have yet to breed in my young life, but I believe that a pregnant woman can find something comfortable AND fashionable.

I also know that most people have a hard time wearing formal wear.



There has been TOO MANY pregnant red carpet walkers who have managed to wear a gown that doesn’t make them look hideous.

I am SO mad at Elsa’ stylist. And Chris is a horrible husband for letting his wife wear that, thinking she looked great.

I thought hard (like 5 minutes) about whether I was going to post this, but this isn’t cool. I have NEVER seen such a horrible maternity gown.

I don’t blame Elsa. I blame her stylist and her husband. They share the liability in this matter. (Wait, that sounds very legal speak. Sorry.)

I DO think that Elsa had a great pregnancy glow going for her. So hopefully, she doesn’t Google herself and run across any blogs that say something that can ruin her mood.

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