I Dream of Midi Rings

I actually had a dream last night about losing a midi ring during a trip to a public restroom. My dreams are usually not this frivolous, but midi rings have been on my mind lately.

I love rings, but I was slow in adopting this trend because with all the typing and schlepping books that I do with school, my rings get in the way. I didn’t want to invest in midis.


Well, my love for rings trumped my practical mind. I went crazy. I decided not to wear them at school, although I did try. I was so afraid of losing one, that I took them off and secured them in my purse before I could get through my second lecture for the day.

I decided to wear my midis for Barrister’s Ball. I spent too much time worrying about not losing any of them. Guess what, I lost one that I really liked. It’s just gone.

I’m wondering if other midi wearers have this same issue. I should keep in mind that fashion ring manufacturers make these rings in a standard size. I believe the sample size for fine jewelry rings is a size 7. I think my thumb is a size 6…maybe. So maybe midi rings weren’t made for me.

Do you wear midi rings? Have you ever lost one? How do you feel about the trend?







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