Pictures from L.A. Marathon 2014

I finally broke down and bought the photo download package. With tax, it was $81 bucks. EIGHTY-ONE DOLLARS FOR SOME VERY UNFLATTERING PHOTOS OF MYSELF! For that price, I’m sharing them with EVERYONE. *laughs*

LA_Marathon-6bThis around mile 18/19. I hit my wall. I literally wanted to go home. I was DONE. But I kept going.

LA_Marathon-7I still don’t know what to do with my hands when I run.

And yes, I have on 2 waist belts.


Crossing the finish line. 26.2 miles.



They gave me a hot banana right after this photo. I’m still annoyed with that.

If you care about what I had on:

Hat, jacket, and one of my waist belts: Nike.

Pants: Champion (I got them at Target and they REALLY supported my shines and calves).

Shoes: Nike Lunars with custom soles. I used a stability shoe. ALSO, they are Nike Plus, so they have the sensor that sync’s with my Nike/TomTom watch (look for a review on that soon).

Polarized Sunglasses: I got them at a fitness expo. I HIGHLY suggest you get a pair for running. They make a big difference.


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