You don’t have to eat out everyday: Meal Prep.

I think all working persons are aware of the Lunch Hour Shuffle: You rush to get to a Quizno’s or whatever restaurant. You impatiently look at your watch while waiting for your food. You scarf the food down, then rush back to work. American life sucks.

There are studies on how eating under stress, and eating too fast is bad for you. We haven’t even touched on how you’re likely eating garbage for your meal.

You can bring your lunch to work, but no one wants to actually cook something decent the night before, or they don’t want to eat leftovers. Microwavable food is not healthy, even if the box has “healthy” on it.

Making a quick meal the night before won’t kill you, but fast food will.

Here’s a simple chicken dish that I frequently make for lunch that you can try if you’re not too keen on cooking.








3 thoughts on “You don’t have to eat out everyday: Meal Prep.

  1. Awesome! such a simple and easy meal! I’m definitely going to try this! Great blog! I’m a fitness blogger and just wrote an article on how to get toned arms πŸ˜‰ as much as i love working out, nutrition is definitely key and it’s so hard to find healthy food outside that’s not over 20 dollars! people gotta meal prep more often!


    1. Thanks. I will be posting more quick meals that I make in the future.
      Yeah, it’s super hard to get outside food that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

      I like your blog. I plan on looking at it more over the weekend (I’m suppose to be paying attention in class right now). :~p


      1. Yes, that would be great! I love easy quick meal recipes! πŸ˜‰ and aw thanks for stopping by! haha pay attention girl, I sleep in class sometimes tbh πŸ˜›


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