Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana Found Guilty of Tax Evasion

I had been following this story for a while, and now the Italian court of appeals have affirmed the lower court’s decision on the matter.


In a nutshell, there was an attempt to sell the brand, Dolce & Gabbana, to a holding company in order to avoid crazy Italian corporate tax.

This is similar to the business strategy of having your business incorporated in Delaware as oppose to the state you actually operate in.

The duo was sentenced to a year and a half  of jail time, but my understanding is that they will not necessarily have to spend that time in custody. The case can be appealed again. Since the duo has that kind of money, I don’t see why they shouldn’t try. However, I don’t know anything about Italian law, so I can’t really say if it is something that I would advise my client to do.

One Top, Three Looks

One of the first things you learn about producing a line is that you design one bottom for every three tops. That’s how consumers shop. However, I’ve decided to switch things around a bit by providing looks for one top with three different bottoms.

This idea came to me when my mom (who isn’t allowed to buy clothes without my approval) said for the millionth time that she doesn’t know how to wear a blouse other than with the bottoms she bought it with.


Casual Lunch
Casual Friday
FYI: I call these looks “casual” because they aren’t necessarily outfits that the average person could wear to work (because of the bare shoulders, which could be alleviated with a cardigan or a blazer) or to a formal event.
I regard these looks as everyday looks, and the heels add a touch of “I took time to care about how I look today”.
These outfits can be worn with flats for the same effect.


Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all my fellow bloggers in Christ!

Easter is the most important holiday in the catholic faith.

It’s more than Easter egg hunts, and finding a cute outfit to wear.

In a nutshell, Easter is the source and summit of our faith (not just for Catholics, but all Christians).



Note: I’m not pushing religion on anyone, but I’m also not going to hide my faith because others choose to not believe, or believe in something else. Everyone is welcome.

Except for jerks. Jerks aren’t welcome.






Roberto Cavalli For Sale

Word on the streets is that Permira (a London-based equity firm) is looking to buy Roberto Cavalli (the company, not the man. That would be slavery). Right now, the word is Permira is willing to pay  about $621 million dollars for the company. Not too shabby. Especially if Roberto (the man) will retain a minimum 20% share of the company.


If Roberto was my client, would I advise him to take the deal? Yes. Not so much for the money, but for the money. Roberto is no spring chicken, and if he holds up to 40% stake in the company, he still has his hand in the mix (meaning the brand won’t go from leopard prints to J Crew overnight). The money is good, so go for it.




Keep Calm…Because I Can’t: Law School Finals

I am officially in finals mode. I had an exam yesterday, and my last final isn’t until April 21st.

That being said, don’t expect any post from me between now and then.

I had a few things that I wanted to blog about, but I don’t think I have time to really give commentary.

If you’re interested in my law student life:

The exam I took yesterday was for Constitutional Law.

Monday, I have a final for Professional Responsibility (which is NOT an MPRE prep class).

MPRE stands for Multi-state Professional Responsibility Exam. ALL lawyers have to take this in addition to the bar exam. It’s basically testing that you’re not a lying bastard.

Wednesday is Business Associations.

This is an elective course that I’m taking because I plan on being a transactional attorney. I think I mention some of this in my About Me section.

Friday is Criminal Procedure.

You know, 5th Amendment. Cops not being able to kick your door down…unless there are exigent circumstances.

That following Monday is Evidence.

Think about all that lingo they throw around on Law & Order. Well hearsay is a lot more complicated than the show leads on.

I am using the Barbri site for MCQs, as well as Q&A supplements. Oh, and I have my own outlines.

I may use CALI Lessons for Business Association. I dunno. We’ll see.

Gotta go!




It’s Okay. I Can’t Afford A Ferragamo Right Now Either

I really feel like I need this Ferragamo Sofia bag. This particular one is a limited edition.

Other Sofia bags cost around $2,000.



I totally can’t afford that right now because that’s about how much a semester’s worth of casebooks and supplements cost me. And any extra monies I come across need to go into my Paris trip savings account.

So until then, I shall pretend…


Aldo Daubs $55


Aldo Bieno $50