One Top, Three Looks

One of the first things you learn about producing a line is that you design one bottom for every three tops. That’s how consumers shop. However, I’ve decided to switch things around a bit by providing looks for one top with three different bottoms.

This idea came to me when my mom (who isn’t allowed to buy clothes without my approval) said for the millionth time that she doesn’t know how to wear a blouse other than with the bottoms she bought it with.


Casual Lunch
Casual Friday
FYI: I call these looks “casual” because they aren’t necessarily outfits that the average person could wear to work (because of the bare shoulders, which could be alleviated with a cardigan or a blazer) or to a formal event.
I regard these looks as everyday looks, and the heels add a touch of “I took time to care about how I look today”.
These outfits can be worn with flats for the same effect.


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