Healthy Snack: Guacamole & Egg

Okay. The title doesn’t sound appeasing, but bare with me.

And before a dietician or food science major corrects me on how not-so-healthy this dish is, I call it “healthy” because it’s better than going out and eating something that came through a window.


1. Put your eggs on boil.




2. I used 3 mid-size avocados. Pit and dice.














3. Add diced tomatoes and onion.

I had some already diced up in a plastic container.






4. Add lemon juice for tang and to reduce browning.




5. Mix and let chill until your eggs are boiled to your liking.


Optional Chips

I bought these at Sprouts.

They’re not too bad. Definitely not Tostitos.


I made this as a snack portion for my mom.


This was my late lunch.


This is also something that you can pack in a plastic container and take to work or school for lunch.



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