¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!


I grew up in Los Angeles. While you find all sorts of people from all over the world in LA, my biggest cultural influence was of Mexican origin.

I’ve lived in various states that bordered Mexico, yet the intensity of the culture was nothing like my experience in California.

Mariachi-Los-Camperos-de-Nati-Cano(Yes, I know Chicanos and Tejanos do things differently)

In my current neighborhood, 2 different [presumably] Mexican families like close by. I was deep into studying for finals, when the family who lives adjacent from me started playing Banda. This family is normally quiet, but it was Easter. Remember how I said in a previous post how Easter is super important to us Catholics?Mariachi Idol

Since I live in the suburbs, I don’t hear much of anything, let alone ethnic music. While everything else easily irritated me, the Banda (followed by a mariachi set) was soothing. It reminded me of home (California).

There’s nothing more to this story. I just wanted to share.Companeras

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Stay safe!

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