Met Gala 2014: Runner Up Picks

This set of picks are looks that were in my top favorites, but I decided to start ranking them as the list got very long.

2nd Place: I loved all three of these gowns. Just perfect.


Amy Adams


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

This is one of my favorite colors.

MetGala14_LilyAldridgeLily Aldridge

Just perfect.


3rd Place: I thought these three looks were sexy, but too sexy for me to consider wearing to the Met Gala.


Emma Stone





MetGala14_JoanSmallsJoan Smalls



4th Place: I felt like these were great looks, but I would not have worn either look either because it’s not quite my style, or because I’m too short to pull off.


Janelle Monae

Spot on!

MetGala14_LiuWenLiu Wen

I felt like this was the “correct” gown of the evening.






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