Quick and Dirty Mother’s Day Gifts

In case it has slipped your mind, Mother’s Day in the U.S. is this Sunday.

If you have a mother in your life (read: everyone woman you know that has a kid, not just your own mom) then you need to go out and get a gift.

For me, my mom’s birthday is close to Mother’s Day, so I tend to get her a so-so Mother’s Day gift, and an awesome birthday gift.

No matter  your budget or the specific mother you’re buying for, here are a few of my few go-to items that you can give with little to no effort:


Such an easy gift. You can buy a few larger ($$$) candles for your own mother/mother-in-law/grandmother/favorite aunt, and buy smaller ones ($) for you girlfriends and other moms.


FYI: Bath & Body currently has the 3-wick candles on sale 2 for $22.




Get some tissue paper left over from previous purchases (I’m a pack rat with a purpose) and buy cheap gift bags from Target. Done.



The great default gift. Gift mom a fragrance. This is easy if you know what the recipient’s favorite scent is, or the type of scents they tend to like.


If not, I highly suggest Sephora’s fragrance sampler. It is nearly impossible for the recipient to NOT like ANY of the scents within. I bought one for my mother a while back, and she LOVED it.

You go through all of the samples and pick your favorite one. Then you take the certificate inside the box back to Sephora to get the full size version.


Knife Set


I don’t want any of my feminist readers to get hyped, but bare with me.

What grinds your gears more than having a set a dull kitchen knives? If your mom is into cooking beyond its necessary function (to get her hungry family to pipe down) she’s bound to love it.

This particular set is rather pricey, but you can swing by Target (apparently my favorite store) and get a set for about $30.


Sibling Photos!

Moms always love a picture of their babies! Always.

Adult siblings, even if they’re close, tend not to be THAT close because they have their careers, families, pets, etc. that take precedent. One year, I surprised my mother with a picture of my older brother and I. I don’t think he and I took a photo since we were kids, so this was a very pleasant surprise for my mom.AdultSiblings-1a


If you don’t have siblings, that’s okay. Take a pic with your pet, your new family, or serious boyfriend/girlfriend. Slap it in a Target frame. Put it in a cute gift bag with tissue paper. Done.


Whatever you end up getting, just remember that it’s the thought that counts. Most moms don’t care about the actual gift. If you live close enough to be with your mom on Mother’s Day,  simply spending time with her will be enough.

For those of you who don’t have your mother for the holiday, spend the day thinking about the positive impact she made while she was on the planet. Share memories with other relatives or your own children, if you have any.

Happy shopping, and Happy Mother’s Day!



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