Protect Your Skin


Each summer, I find myself more surprised at the lack of skincare my friends and colleges provide for their skin. I thought wearing sun protection was the first thing one thought about when planning an outdoor venture.I guess I was wrong.

Look, the sun kills. Sure, we need some good ol’ vitamin D that doesn’t come from the latest multi-vitamin that we heard Gisele or some other perfect celeb was taking. But the sun KILLS.

Let’s not get all depressed with the C word. Let’s talk about what happens to most of us: the sun makes your face look old. OLD!

Yes, we’re all going to get old, and old can be sexy, but I don’t want to be 30 and LOOK like I’m 55 and been through several divorces.

THAT is what the sun will do to your face.

Maybe I’m being dramatic. Maybe I’m not. Who knows. What I DO know is once the sun jacks your face up, it’s irreversible (unless you like paying for lasers to peel your face).

All of this is to say, WEAR SUN PROTECTION!Beauty_Sunscreen-1a

The products shown above are products that I’ve actually tried AND liked. Right now, the Clinique is what I wear daily (my car windows aren’t tinted, so I need to protect from my long drive to class).

If you plan on being outdoors this holiday weekend, but don’t want to go barefaced, I recommend the Smashbox BB Cream. I’ve worn it to several pool parties (I knew I’d be photographed, and I’m vain, okay?!) and it didn’t run or smudge. I did wear the Clinique underneath, and it didn’t feel heavy at all.

Whatever product you choose, make an effort to wear something with an SPF.


If you plan on drinking this weekend, remember that alcohol dries out your skin. Try to alternate your cocktails with water. If possible, drink some coconut water once you get home for the night.


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