Wedding Bells {feat. Olivia Palermo}



I’m sure you know by now that Olivia Palermo has gotten married. She went for a rather casual, yet chic look for her nuptials (she wore Carolina Herrera). I notice that many of the fashion girls opted for understated weddings. This initially surprised me, but when you have a person that wears beautiful things daily, going all out for a wedding isn’t really on the agenda.Olivia_Palermo_Wedding-1a

Credit: Johannes Huebl via

I took this as an opportunity to share some pins from my Pinterest board entitle Maybe. I gave it that title because maybe I’ll get married one day. For now, here are a few wedding dresses that fit my current aesthetic.





I like drop-waist gowns for two reasons: 1) With my 5’2″, 110lb frame, I won’t get totally lost in a sea of fabric, and 2) I can achieve a slender, elegant look while maintaining a “princess moment”.


I’m also certain that unless I pull an Olivia, I’m going to wear a Mantilla or alter veil (I know, I’m such a catholic girl).




2 thoughts on “Wedding Bells {feat. Olivia Palermo}

  1. She looks beautiful, but it really caught me off guard that she dressed so casual for her wedding day.
    I sort of love it though, but I really can’t make up my mind – lol


    1. Yeah. Like I said, fashion girls are surrounded by beauty everyday. They get to dress up [formally] more often than normal girls do. For normal girls, their wedding day is the only day that they can justify spending tons of money for a dress they can only wear once.

      I’m on the fence too. It’s great, but I’m going all out for my wedding. LOL


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