Still Alive


I know, bloggers should be consistent.

I have the same excuse: Law school kills.

I’m literally sitting in class right now. I should be briefing a case, but I decided it was more important to address my readers.

This semester (yes, I’m taking 15 units this summer instead of sitting by a pool and take perspective selfies of my well-toned legs) I’m working on my law article. It is fashion related. It takes up a lot of my brain function. I’m struggling to form sentences right now if you cannot tell.

Finals are RAPIDLY approaching. I have 3 weeks left of lecture, and 1 reading week (study week). So I’m freaking out, stressed, not coordinating clothes very well, my eyebrows are baby caterpillars, etc.

Please, Please, Please Forgive Me!


Burnt out, but still truckin’ through




2 thoughts on “Still Alive

  1. Haha, I feel ya, girl! I am lucky if I blog 1x per week, but with two kids and trying to move science forward, I don’t know that I can post any more than I already do! Kudos to you for posting as often as you do!!!


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