Quick & Dirty Kitchen Tips: How To Cut A Pineapple


How_To_Cut_A_Pinapple-1bI love fresh fruits, but some fruits are cumbersome to cut. I was juicing the other day when friend asked how in the world did I manage to cut a pineapple. At first, I thought her general lack of domestic skills was the reason for this inquiry. Then, I got several similar questions after I posted pics on social media. I figured this must be a common question, so here’s my quick & dirty method to cutting a pineapple.

How_To_Cut_A_Pinapple-1cFirst and foremost, make sure you have a sharp knife. Pineapple skin is tough. You don’t want to mess around and cut your hand behind a damn pineapple all because you used a dull knife.

How_To_Cut_A_Pinapple-1dPlace the pineapple on its side and cut the top off.

You can’t really hold on to the top, which is why you need a knife that can cut right through. Firmly hold the pineapple and slice through the top.

I’ve cut through a pineapple with a dull knife before; I had to use more of an old-school chainsaw method.


Sit the pineapple in an upright position.

How_To_Cut_A_Pinapple-1fSlice of the sides.

Note: I was using this pineapple for juicing purposes, so I left a lot of skin bits here and there.

How_To_Cut_A_Pinapple-1gOnce all of the sides are sliced off, cut the base off. Your hands should be good and sticky by now.

How_To_Cut_A_Pinapple-1iSlice to preference…

How_To_Cut_A_Pinapple-1jSince I was juicing, I sliced into smaller pieces.

Note: this pineapple yielded about 200mL of juice.





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