Protect Your Skin {Budget}



The products that I mentioned in the previous post aren’t terribly expensive, but I though I’d mention two products that I’ve tried that are available at Target or your nearest drugstore.

I should also mention that I have combination/oily skin.

Beauty_Sunscreen-2aI wore the Aveeno for a few years before switching moisturizers. My main contention is that it smells odd to me.

Otherwise, it’s fairly lightweight and can be worn under makeup.

The Purpose moisturizer is by far my favorite drugstore brand moisturizer. The biggest drawback was that I felt like I needed more SPF.

This is me being obsessive.

However, if you wear this with a primer that contains an SPF, and your foundation has some protection, you should have enough SPF.

To be honest, if you’re indoors most of the day, SPF 15 should be fine.


Protect Your Skin


Each summer, I find myself more surprised at the lack of skincare my friends and colleges provide for their skin. I thought wearing sun protection was the first thing one thought about when planning an outdoor venture.I guess I was wrong.

Look, the sun kills. Sure, we need some good ol’ vitamin D that doesn’t come from the latest multi-vitamin that we heard Gisele or some other perfect celeb was taking. But the sun KILLS.

Let’s not get all depressed with the C word. Let’s talk about what happens to most of us: the sun makes your face look old. OLD!

Yes, we’re all going to get old, and old can be sexy, but I don’t want to be 30 and LOOK like I’m 55 and been through several divorces.

THAT is what the sun will do to your face.

Maybe I’m being dramatic. Maybe I’m not. Who knows. What I DO know is once the sun jacks your face up, it’s irreversible (unless you like paying for lasers to peel your face).

All of this is to say, WEAR SUN PROTECTION!Beauty_Sunscreen-1a

The products shown above are products that I’ve actually tried AND liked. Right now, the Clinique is what I wear daily (my car windows aren’t tinted, so I need to protect from my long drive to class).

If you plan on being outdoors this holiday weekend, but don’t want to go barefaced, I recommend the Smashbox BB Cream. I’ve worn it to several pool parties (I knew I’d be photographed, and I’m vain, okay?!) and it didn’t run or smudge. I did wear the Clinique underneath, and it didn’t feel heavy at all.

Whatever product you choose, make an effort to wear something with an SPF.


If you plan on drinking this weekend, remember that alcohol dries out your skin. Try to alternate your cocktails with water. If possible, drink some coconut water once you get home for the night.


Alicia Keys + {Givenchy}


Alicia Keys is the face for Givenchy’s new fragrance, Dahlia Divin.

While Ms. Keys (or should we call her Mrs. Beatz?) is stunning in this golden ad, I couldn’t help but to take a moment to tract down the notes of this scent. What I’ve discovered, thus far, is that the scent includes jasmine, mirabelle plum, and patchouli.The scent will be [appropriately] released in September.

In case you’ve read this post; I’ve decided to keep the Signorina.



The Working Girl: NSFW Nails

Don’t get me wrong. I love nail polish and nail art. I’m all about artistic expression. However, if the person who signs your check doesn’t like glittered claw nails, then you have to make adjustments…or find a different profession.

NSFW Nails {1}


My rule of thumb is to wear basic colors until you see what the office environment is like. But there’s still a caveat: even if your employer allows cute nail design, beware that your choice of nail color can give the wrong impression….just like the rest of your attire.

The following photos are nails in the relatively safe color pink. However, if you’re in your 20s, it may scream bimbo, party girl, or dipstick.

PinkNails_1a  PinkNails_1c



Even if you work in the fashion industry in any capacity, be mindful of the culture of the company you work for.

Nasty Gal: anything goes.

Nordstrom: Reflect the department you’re working in.  TBD or BP? Anything goes. Handbags or fragrance?

Trendy, but sophisticated.

Target Internship Program: More conservative colors. I don’t care what the manager has on.

Any questions or comments, feel free to post a question or email at






Quick and Dirty Mother’s Day Gifts

In case it has slipped your mind, Mother’s Day in the U.S. is this Sunday.

If you have a mother in your life (read: everyone woman you know that has a kid, not just your own mom) then you need to go out and get a gift.

For me, my mom’s birthday is close to Mother’s Day, so I tend to get her a so-so Mother’s Day gift, and an awesome birthday gift.

No matter  your budget or the specific mother you’re buying for, here are a few of my few go-to items that you can give with little to no effort:


Such an easy gift. You can buy a few larger ($$$) candles for your own mother/mother-in-law/grandmother/favorite aunt, and buy smaller ones ($) for you girlfriends and other moms.


FYI: Bath & Body currently has the 3-wick candles on sale 2 for $22.




Get some tissue paper left over from previous purchases (I’m a pack rat with a purpose) and buy cheap gift bags from Target. Done.



The great default gift. Gift mom a fragrance. This is easy if you know what the recipient’s favorite scent is, or the type of scents they tend to like.


If not, I highly suggest Sephora’s fragrance sampler. It is nearly impossible for the recipient to NOT like ANY of the scents within. I bought one for my mother a while back, and she LOVED it.

You go through all of the samples and pick your favorite one. Then you take the certificate inside the box back to Sephora to get the full size version.


Knife Set


I don’t want any of my feminist readers to get hyped, but bare with me.

What grinds your gears more than having a set a dull kitchen knives? If your mom is into cooking beyond its necessary function (to get her hungry family to pipe down) she’s bound to love it.

This particular set is rather pricey, but you can swing by Target (apparently my favorite store) and get a set for about $30.


Sibling Photos!

Moms always love a picture of their babies! Always.

Adult siblings, even if they’re close, tend not to be THAT close because they have their careers, families, pets, etc. that take precedent. One year, I surprised my mother with a picture of my older brother and I. I don’t think he and I took a photo since we were kids, so this was a very pleasant surprise for my mom.AdultSiblings-1a


If you don’t have siblings, that’s okay. Take a pic with your pet, your new family, or serious boyfriend/girlfriend. Slap it in a Target frame. Put it in a cute gift bag with tissue paper. Done.


Whatever you end up getting, just remember that it’s the thought that counts. Most moms don’t care about the actual gift. If you live close enough to be with your mom on Mother’s Day,  simply spending time with her will be enough.

For those of you who don’t have your mother for the holiday, spend the day thinking about the positive impact she made while she was on the planet. Share memories with other relatives or your own children, if you have any.

Happy shopping, and Happy Mother’s Day!



Fragrance Dilemma: Signorina by Ferragamo

Ferragamo_SignorinaI had been eying Signorina for quite some time. Yesterday, I finally went to Nordstrom to make my purchase. I actually sprayed some on my arm to make sure I wasn’t buying the scent because of my love for all things Ferragamo.

Everything smelled okay. I make the purchase. I get home. I lie down on my bed. I get a whiff of my arm. [Explicative]

I hate it.

This is SO annoying because I have been to Nordstrom several times to smell the fragrance.  I had the poor sales associate pulling similar fragrances to make sure I really liked Signorina. I mean, I was in there for about an hour. I really hate to return it (mainly because he’s on commission).

Mind you, the same thing happened with Coco Mademoiselle. I loved it in the store, then returned it nearly a month later when I realized I never wore it.

Damn you Keira Knightly!ChanelCoco-Mademoiselle_Keira

You’re probably wondering, “what the hell DO you like, then?”

I love my Prada Candy, but I’m so in love with the scent that I don’t want to burn out on it.Prada_Candy

Prada Candy has notes of white musk, benzoin, caramel, citrus, and oriental notes.

Signorina has notes of pepper, black currant buds, jasmine, peony, rose, patchouli, musk, and pannacotta accord.

I don’t think I like currant or patchouli, so maybe that’s what kills Signorina for me.

What type of fragrances do you gravitate towards?


Accessories Can Go A Long Way

We live in a world with wonderful shoes, handbags, and other accessories. There’s so much to choose from. The downside is most people don’t truly have the discretionary income to go willy nilly and buy bold accessories that tend to be too distinctive to wear with many items in our closet. This is how you end up with a closet full of blacks, grays, and other neutrals. However, this doesn’t have to be your fashion fate.

The following are an example of non-staple accessories put with two different looks.


Chic Errands



Lunch Date

How to make rose water.


I originally made a video shortly after Valentine’s Day to show how you can recycle flowers you get on holidays, birthdays, or just because. I turned my Valentine’s roses into rose water. You’re probably thinking, “why the hell do I need rose water?” Well, rose water has some neat uses:

  1. Facial toner (you can mix it with a bit of camphor to calm down acne issues).
  2. Hair rinse (use after you’ve washed and conditioned your hair).
  3. Linen spray (if you like the scent of roses).
  4. A summer hydrator (spray on your hair and face when you’ve been cooking under the sun for a period. STILL use a sunscreen though).

Whatever you wish to use the product for, this is a great way to recycle old flowers if you’re not the gardening type who likes to make your own mulch (I can make a post about that too!).

IMG_4916This is 2 dozen roses

   IMG_4917I used another stoneware cup underneath the orange bowl.



IMG_4918The lid is inverted (the knob is on the inside so that the condensation can drip to the middle into the orange bowl.



I did this process quite a few times. The ice melts relatively fast.








Other notes: 1) I believe that I had the [electric] stove on medium heat. 2) Please be careful when handling the lid to the pot, that steam is HOT. 3) Don’t use any of your fancy kitchenware to do this project, the roses stained the stainless steel pot. I recommend using items that are old, or that you don’t mind if they get ruined. Luckily, I never use that spaghetti pot.