Fragrance Dilemma: Signorina by Ferragamo

Ferragamo_SignorinaI had been eying Signorina for quite some time. Yesterday, I finally went to Nordstrom to make my purchase. I actually sprayed some on my arm to make sure I wasn’t buying the scent because of my love for all things Ferragamo.

Everything smelled okay. I make the purchase. I get home. I lie down on my bed. I get a whiff of my arm. [Explicative]

I hate it.

This is SO annoying because I have been to Nordstrom several times to smell the fragrance.  I had the poor sales associate pulling similar fragrances to make sure I really liked Signorina. I mean, I was in there for about an hour. I really hate to return it (mainly because he’s on commission).

Mind you, the same thing happened with Coco Mademoiselle. I loved it in the store, then returned it nearly a month later when I realized I never wore it.

Damn you Keira Knightly!ChanelCoco-Mademoiselle_Keira

You’re probably wondering, “what the hell DO you like, then?”

I love my Prada Candy, but I’m so in love with the scent that I don’t want to burn out on it.Prada_Candy

Prada Candy has notes of white musk, benzoin, caramel, citrus, and oriental notes.

Signorina has notes of pepper, black currant buds, jasmine, peony, rose, patchouli, musk, and pannacotta accord.

I don’t think I like currant or patchouli, so maybe that’s what kills Signorina for me.

What type of fragrances do you gravitate towards?