How To Wear Pastels Without Looking Like An Easter Egg


Spring is here, which means we have free reign to wear pastels!

SP15_Trend_Pastels-1Pastels are hot on the spring runways. The following are a few looks to prove that it’s possible for mere mortals to wear this trend without looking too…festive.


Pastels I


Pastels II


Pastels III


Pastels IV


Roberto Cavalli For Sale

Word on the streets is that Permira (a London-based equity firm) is looking to buy Roberto Cavalli (the company, not the man. That would be slavery). Right now, the word is Permira is willing to pay  about $621 million dollars for the company. Not too shabby. Especially if Roberto (the man) will retain a minimum 20% share of the company.


If Roberto was my client, would I advise him to take the deal? Yes. Not so much for the money, but for the money. Roberto is no spring chicken, and if he holds up to 40% stake in the company, he still has his hand in the mix (meaning the brand won’t go from leopard prints to J Crew overnight). The money is good, so go for it.