Fall Color Trend: Cashmere Rose

Fall is here! Well, not officially, but it’s post-Labor Day here in America.

If summer is over, then that gives us carte blanche to start wearing fall trends.

In regards to my personal style, I wanted to wear more soft colors this season, as oppose to the BOLD teals I’ve been wearing all summer. Luckily, I’ve fallen in love with one of Pantone’s picks of the season: Cashmere Rose.

Fall_Color_Trend_Pantone_Cashmere_Rose.jpgPhoto Credit: Pantone

Here are a few looks I’m envisioning for this fall:

Fall Rose I


Fall Rose II


Fall Rose III

What colors are you looking forward to wearing this season?

How to make rose water.


I originally made a video shortly after Valentine’s Day to show how you can recycle flowers you get on holidays, birthdays, or just because. I turned my Valentine’s roses into rose water. You’re probably thinking, “why the hell do I need rose water?” Well, rose water has some neat uses:

  1. Facial toner (you can mix it with a bit of camphor to calm down acne issues).
  2. Hair rinse (use after you’ve washed and conditioned your hair).
  3. Linen spray (if you like the scent of roses).
  4. A summer hydrator (spray on your hair and face when you’ve been cooking under the sun for a period. STILL use a sunscreen though).

Whatever you wish to use the product for, this is a great way to recycle old flowers if you’re not the gardening type who likes to make your own mulch (I can make a post about that too!).

IMG_4916This is 2 dozen roses

   IMG_4917I used another stoneware cup underneath the orange bowl.



IMG_4918The lid is inverted (the knob is on the inside so that the condensation can drip to the middle into the orange bowl.



I did this process quite a few times. The ice melts relatively fast.








Other notes: 1) I believe that I had the [electric] stove on medium heat. 2) Please be careful when handling the lid to the pot, that steam is HOT. 3) Don’t use any of your fancy kitchenware to do this project, the roses stained the stainless steel pot. I recommend using items that are old, or that you don’t mind if they get ruined. Luckily, I never use that spaghetti pot.