Fall Color Trend: Cashmere Rose

Fall is here! Well, not officially, but it’s post-Labor Day here in America.

If summer is over, then that gives us carte blanche to start wearing fall trends.

In regards to my personal style, I wanted to wear more soft colors this season, as oppose to the BOLD teals I’ve been wearing all summer. Luckily, I’ve fallen in love with one of Pantone’s picks of the season: Cashmere Rose.

Fall_Color_Trend_Pantone_Cashmere_Rose.jpgPhoto Credit: Pantone

Here are a few looks I’m envisioning for this fall:

Fall Rose I


Fall Rose II


Fall Rose III

What colors are you looking forward to wearing this season?

Spring Trend: Black & White

A strong trend on the fashion radar is black & white. You may do it in stripes, polka dots, floral prints, or color blocking.

Here are some looks from the Spring ’15 RTW runways.

SP15_BW_1a1. Oscar de la Renta 2. Proenza Schouler 3. Cushnie et Ochs 4. Altuzarra 5. Balmain

SP15_BW_1b1. Alice + Olivia 2. Marc By Marc Jacobs 3. Givenchy 4. Versace 5. Giambattista Valli

The following are a few ways to transition the trend from the runway to your wardrobe.










AW ’15 Fashion Month Round Up: Color Trends

Tracking fashion month has been an arduous, yet pleasuring task. It takes a while to digest a months’ worth of new creations from all of my favorite, as well as new designers. In the meantime, I have pulled a few color trends noted from the AW ’15 shows.


AW15_Blush-1 AW15_Blush-2


Black & WhiteAW15_BW-1 AW15_BW-2


CanaryAW15_Canary-1 AW15_Canary-2


Cobalt AW15_Cobalt-1 AW15_Cobalt-2




Ice BlueAW15_Ice-1 AW15_Ice-2




ScarletAW15_Red-1 AW15_Red-2


WhitesAW15_White-1 AW15_White-2

Which colors stood out to you?

How To Wear Marsala When You Don’t Like Reds


I was somewhat disappointed when the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year was announced. While Marsala (the wine) is great, I’m not very keen on reds (the color).

Being a reluctant fashion drone who does wish to step out of my comfort zone, I put together a few looks where I’ve incorporated the color trend.

Look 1



City Errands I


Look 2


Weekend Errands II


Look 3
Weekend Errands III


Look 4
Mondays I


{product photos via Net-a-porter}


Editorial: Has Michael Kors Become The New Coach

That’s a spicy title coming from a fashion blogger living in a world where you only make it if you are neutral enough so a brand to ask you to offer sponsorship.

I thought it was more important to be honest in this fashion conversation than to be upholding to brands that may never knock on my internet door.

When I was a young lass, say 9/10ish, my then-stepmother was into Coach bags. Her cousins and all the other women she interacted with were also gaga about having such a bag.

My father has always been well to do in the financial sense, so it was EXPECTED that my stepmother have THE Coach bag that Christmas. All I remember is that he got her the right brand, but the wrong purse. She threw a fit. This wasn’t a woman who normally threw fits. That’s not what ended their marriage, but I distinctly remembering feeling like having THE bag was SO important to her that it was imperative that my dad didn’t screw up.

That was the first time I was really introduced to Coach. This bag was coveted. It was expensive (mind you, my stepmother had tons of Gucci and Prada bags from her stay in Italy a few years earlier, so….).

As I moved forward in my teens, Coach popped up again as THE bag to have.

Some of the girls in my English class had jobs at the supermarket. They saved their money and all bought the same Coach bag. Other girls wanted jobs just so they can get this bag. By then, I was full blown into high fashion and wanted a Dior saddle bag. I DID NOT have the balls to charge that on my Dad’s AMEX. I digress.

When I was about 20, I gave in to the trend. I bought a $350 Coach bag, in black of course. coach-bag

I was so proud to be part of the crowd (my love for high fashion was not understood in Texas. It was bad enough that I had a California accent).

It didn’t take long before I realized that…EVERYONE had MY Coach bag. It felt dirty. Like a dirty dirty sheep.

Then I noticed people who really couldn’t afford the brand wearing the shoes, sunglasses, hats, everything. Some were knock offs, so where real. It was on young and old. It was indeed dirty.

I stopped carrying my bag. I ended up giving it to my mom.

Fast forward


In comes Michael Kors’ explosion of accessories. I like Michael Kors RTW. I like the sleek lines with pops of color. Very classic pieces.

I don’t remember exactly who it was, someone from fashion school, but they wore a Micahel Kors watch. It looked good. I wanted that watch.

When I found out that the watch didn’t cost that much (more than a DKNY, less than a Movado) I made up my mind that I was going to get this watch….as soon as I figure out WHICH of the MK watches I was going to bring home. By the time I decided on my rose gold watch, most of the girls in my program owned their own MK watch. That didn’t bother me; we’re fashion girls.

Then all the cute fashionable girls at my church started wearing them.

Then I noticed the blogger girls all had one in every color.

We were part of the cool kids club because the average person isn’t going to drop $200-$300 on a watch in that economy. Again, I realize I wasn’t wearing a Movado or an Audemars, but it made me feel cool. Cool enough to buy two more watches.


THEN, I started seeing regular people wear Michael Kors. By regular, I mean people who don’t know fashion. People who just wear things. People who buy and wear outfits as merchandised on the 4-ways at Macy’s. The fashion laggers. That means….Michael Kors accessories has hit the right side of the bell curve.

It’s becoming….ubiquitous.

I, the girl with a fashion degree. I, the girl who can actually pronounce Costello Tagliapietra, am wearing the same watch as the chick holding up the line at the market because she wants to buy a carton of cigarettes with a coupon. Could she pick Michael out of a lineup?! Maybe she could thanks to Project Runway, but NEVERTHELESS!

I’m not cool at all. Maybe I’m….average. Not average like how a certain magazine rudely called Lauren Conrad basic. I’m okay with being basic. But AVERAGE?! Like a sheep?!

I sit here, looking at my three MK watches and think, “you tacky sheep”.

How do YOU feel about Michael Kors accessories?

Do you mind that the brand is super trendy, or are you somewhat annoyed at its popularity among the masses?

Do you own any Michael Kors watchs or bags? If, so how many?

I’d love to hear readers’ opinions on the matter!




I Dream of Midi Rings

I actually had a dream last night about losing a midi ring during a trip to a public restroom. My dreams are usually not this frivolous, but midi rings have been on my mind lately.

I love rings, but I was slow in adopting this trend because with all the typing and schlepping books that I do with school, my rings get in the way. I didn’t want to invest in midis.


Well, my love for rings trumped my practical mind. I went crazy. I decided not to wear them at school, although I did try. I was so afraid of losing one, that I took them off and secured them in my purse before I could get through my second lecture for the day.

I decided to wear my midis for Barrister’s Ball. I spent too much time worrying about not losing any of them. Guess what, I lost one that I really liked. It’s just gone.

I’m wondering if other midi wearers have this same issue. I should keep in mind that fashion ring manufacturers make these rings in a standard size. I believe the sample size for fine jewelry rings is a size 7. I think my thumb is a size 6…maybe. So maybe midi rings weren’t made for me.

Do you wear midi rings? Have you ever lost one? How do you feel about the trend?