Lazy Sunday

Here’s a look for a day you really don’t feel like getting dressed, but you also don’t want to look like you’re on the verge of homelessness.

The initial thought for this look was a study date. Law school/graduate school isn’t like undergrad: You can’t show up to  the library in your jammies.


Lazy Sunday


Accessories Can Go A Long Way

We live in a world with wonderful shoes, handbags, and other accessories. There’s so much to choose from. The downside is most people don’t truly have the discretionary income to go willy nilly and buy bold accessories that tend to be too distinctive to wear with many items in our closet. This is how you end up with a closet full of blacks, grays, and other neutrals. However, this doesn’t have to be your fashion fate.

The following are an example of non-staple accessories put with two different looks.


Chic Errands



Lunch Date

How to make rose water.


I originally made a video shortly after Valentine’s Day to show how you can recycle flowers you get on holidays, birthdays, or just because. I turned my Valentine’s roses into rose water. You’re probably thinking, “why the hell do I need rose water?” Well, rose water has some neat uses:

  1. Facial toner (you can mix it with a bit of camphor to calm down acne issues).
  2. Hair rinse (use after you’ve washed and conditioned your hair).
  3. Linen spray (if you like the scent of roses).
  4. A summer hydrator (spray on your hair and face when you’ve been cooking under the sun for a period. STILL use a sunscreen though).

Whatever you wish to use the product for, this is a great way to recycle old flowers if you’re not the gardening type who likes to make your own mulch (I can make a post about that too!).

IMG_4916This is 2 dozen roses

   IMG_4917I used another stoneware cup underneath the orange bowl.



IMG_4918The lid is inverted (the knob is on the inside so that the condensation can drip to the middle into the orange bowl.



I did this process quite a few times. The ice melts relatively fast.








Other notes: 1) I believe that I had the [electric] stove on medium heat. 2) Please be careful when handling the lid to the pot, that steam is HOT. 3) Don’t use any of your fancy kitchenware to do this project, the roses stained the stainless steel pot. I recommend using items that are old, or that you don’t mind if they get ruined. Luckily, I never use that spaghetti pot.



Pictures from L.A. Marathon 2014

I finally broke down and bought the photo download package. With tax, it was $81 bucks. EIGHTY-ONE DOLLARS FOR SOME VERY UNFLATTERING PHOTOS OF MYSELF! For that price, I’m sharing them with EVERYONE. *laughs*

LA_Marathon-6bThis around mile 18/19. I hit my wall. I literally wanted to go home. I was DONE. But I kept going.

LA_Marathon-7I still don’t know what to do with my hands when I run.

And yes, I have on 2 waist belts.


Crossing the finish line. 26.2 miles.



They gave me a hot banana right after this photo. I’m still annoyed with that.

If you care about what I had on:

Hat, jacket, and one of my waist belts: Nike.

Pants: Champion (I got them at Target and they REALLY supported my shines and calves).

Shoes: Nike Lunars with custom soles. I used a stability shoe. ALSO, they are Nike Plus, so they have the sensor that sync’s with my Nike/TomTom watch (look for a review on that soon).

Polarized Sunglasses: I got them at a fitness expo. I HIGHLY suggest you get a pair for running. They make a big difference.


You don’t have to eat out everyday: Meal Prep.

I think all working persons are aware of the Lunch Hour Shuffle: You rush to get to a Quizno’s or whatever restaurant. You impatiently look at your watch while waiting for your food. You scarf the food down, then rush back to work. American life sucks.

There are studies on how eating under stress, and eating too fast is bad for you. We haven’t even touched on how you’re likely eating garbage for your meal.

You can bring your lunch to work, but no one wants to actually cook something decent the night before, or they don’t want to eat leftovers. Microwavable food is not healthy, even if the box has “healthy” on it.

Making a quick meal the night before won’t kill you, but fast food will.

Here’s a simple chicken dish that I frequently make for lunch that you can try if you’re not too keen on cooking.








I Dream of Midi Rings

I actually had a dream last night about losing a midi ring during a trip to a public restroom. My dreams are usually not this frivolous, but midi rings have been on my mind lately.

I love rings, but I was slow in adopting this trend because with all the typing and schlepping books that I do with school, my rings get in the way. I didn’t want to invest in midis.


Well, my love for rings trumped my practical mind. I went crazy. I decided not to wear them at school, although I did try. I was so afraid of losing one, that I took them off and secured them in my purse before I could get through my second lecture for the day.

I decided to wear my midis for Barrister’s Ball. I spent too much time worrying about not losing any of them. Guess what, I lost one that I really liked. It’s just gone.

I’m wondering if other midi wearers have this same issue. I should keep in mind that fashion ring manufacturers make these rings in a standard size. I believe the sample size for fine jewelry rings is a size 7. I think my thumb is a size 6…maybe. So maybe midi rings weren’t made for me.

Do you wear midi rings? Have you ever lost one? How do you feel about the trend?







Makeup for Barrister’s Ball

I’m no makeup guru, but I wanted to share details regarding my makeup for barrister’s ball.

Barristers MU 1Disclaimer: When I was working full time, I wore makeup everyday. In law school, I may wear it if I have an oral argument. Otherwise, I’m bare-faced. This means that certain products I have are old.

For instance, my face primer. I think I bought it back in….early 2013….maybe.

macPrimerSince it was old, the mixture had separated. I tried to mix it and apply it to my face. In my mind, I thought “worse case scenario, my face explodes”.


For foundation, I use Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in 177.

Side Note: I’ve had friends tell me that the brand is too expensive, but when you’re a woman of color, your options are limited. If you can find a good foundation in your shade, you’ll pay anything.

 Nars-1For cheeks, I used Nars in the ever popular Orgasm.

I attempted to  give my cheeks depth with MAC’s blush in Blunt.

Side note on THAT: I was pissed at the MAC girl for a sec, because I let her convince me to buy Blunt, and Blunt is damn near the same shade as my normal skin tone.


MAC-FormatFor my eyes, I used MAC’s blush in Format on my lid.


I used Texture in my crease, and highlighted the lid, corners and brow with Ricepaper.

I just used a cheapy brow pencil by NYX. Oh yeah, my brow lady totally screwed me over. My brows were off skew!

Barr-3For lips, I used Chanel’s Rouge Allure in Passion,


and topped it off with Rihanna’s Viva Glam Lipglass by MAC.   MAC-VivaGlamRi







Barrister’s Ball 2014

I’m so glad I went to barrister’s. I actually had a great time. Nothing spectacular happened. Just dancing, drinking, politely calling classmates misunderstood a-holes. The usual.

Oh, and the theme was Great Gatsby (I know. Let Jay Gatsby rest in peace already).

I actually went a bit more Downton than Gatsby. In my mind at least.

Like, Lady Mary on a bender.

Barr-2My mom took this picture. I was running late so I didn’t have time to make her retake for a better shot.


Barr-3Headpiece by All About My Jewelry

Faux fur shawl by Hot Hats


  Barr-5Playing Blackjack for charity (still not sure which charity).


Barr-6Back home.

  Barr-9Wiped out, but still wanting to party.